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Pretty Woman is a refreshing, grittier take on this classic fairytale.
Remember that gorgeous red dress Vivian wore? What color dress was she originally going to wear?
What is Vivian's last name?
Edward was speaking to his girlfriend on the phone at the beginning of the film. What ws her name?
Edward drives his lawyer's car when he leaves the function. What was this car?
Pretty Woman had the highest number of ticket sales than any romantic comedy but this film trailed behind it in the early 2000's.
In exactly what year did Pretty Woman hit theaters?
Who directed Pretty Woman?
What does Edward say his first car was?
What does Edward reveal himself to be afraid of?
What state does Vivian reveal to be from?
What does Vivian hide behind her back in the bathroom that Edward assumes is drugs?
What is the name of Vivian's friend and roommate?
What is the name of the hotel at which Edward stays in Beverly Hills?
What opera does Edward take Vivian to see?
What show was Vivian watching in the penthouse at the hotel?
What artist's music is Vivian singing in the bathtub as Edward walks in?
How much money does Edward agree to give Vivian for playing the role of his girlfriend for the week?
What is the name of the woman who assists Vivian with finding a dress?
What was the name of the helpful hotel manager?
What unfamiliar food does Vivian attempt to eat at the formal dinner with Edward and Mr. Morris?
What is the name of Mr. Morse's grandson?
What did Edward's mother do for a living?
What did Vivian buy for Edward on her shopping adventure?
What kind of company did James Morse own?
What was the name of Edward's lawyer?
Who wrote the film's screenplay?
Julia Roberts was an up and coming star, how much was she payed for her role as Vivian?

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