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Can you name the artists and or songs that were wronged in GRAMMY HISTORY?

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1988: Best Metal Performance - Jethro TullIt could be argued that without this 'GROUP', there would never even have been a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. It had been nearly 20 years since Black Sabbath pretty much invented heavy metal, but most agree that this 'GROUP' perfected it, and spawned a whole genre of imitators.
1966: Best Rock & Roll Recording: - Winchester Cathedral by The New Vauldeville bandThe Best Rock & Roll Recording category in 1966 was jam packed with awesomeness. The list included future classics by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, The Association and The Mamas and the Papas. Take your pick, it's all magic baby, go ahead, points if you name either song!! THE SONG THAT WON IS TERRIBLE! Take a listen.
1980: Album of the Year - Christoper Cross (self titled)4 Legends and a chubby guy best known for a song from a movie soundtrack and they give it to the chubby guy. Something is wrong with this picture. Name either album from the 4 legends that year and reap your reward.
1991: Best Rap Performance Duo or Group - The Fresh Prince By 1991, the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance had only been in existence for three years and a strong case could be made that 'THIS GROUP' deserved to win every one of them. Snubbed in 88 with what was widely recognized as one of the greatest albums ever. Notice this didn't read 'greatest rap albums ever.' That's not a typo. Then again in 1989 when their 'anthemic single was passed over in favor of perennial wedding dance favorite 'Bust a Move' by Young MC. Yep, and yet again in 1990, they lost to a song from Quincy Jones album. Surely this would be theiir year...NOPE!
1978: Best New Artist - A Taste of Honey There were really just 2 nominees for the 1978 Grammy for Best New Artist: This 'GUY' and everybody else. By the time the awards ceremony rolled around in February of 1979, he had already recorded 2 of the most enduring albums to emerge from the late '70s punk/new wave movement, provided Saturday Night Live with one of its most controversial musical performances of its then young life (got banned from the show for 12 years) and established himself as the most promising young songwriter to come along in years. If ever there was a sure winner in the Best New Artist category, this 'GUY' was it. Or so you would think.
2000: Album of the Year - Steely Dan's...Two Against Nature.Most thought it would be a toss up between Radioheads 'Kid A' and this guys rather controversial LP. And yes, it was controversial but it was also the most compelling album to come from a major artist in who knows how many years.
1992: Best Rock Song - Eric Clapton's unplugged and slowed-down version of 'Layla.This 'SONG' came out of left field to overtake the pop and rock music landscape, it also had the pleasing side effect of wiping glitzy, overproduced, bloated hair metal bands right off the map practically overnight. For this, rock fans almost everywhere were eternally thankful. Bloody shame this musical revelation went unrecognized.

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