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Can you name the films this years Oscar nominees starred in that were less than worthy of their talents?

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As one half of a BFF pair who turn into bridezillas, Hathway's character's behavior is just unflattering.Anne Hathaway may have moved us to tears with her performance in Les Misérables, but we were sad for a different reason while watching her in this 2009 comedy.
We're still scratching our heads at the strange life choices of Joaquin Phoenix in the late 2000s that culminated in this documentary-style film.He had declared he was quitting acting to be a rapper, he started sporting the Galifinakis look and Casey Affleck was there to film it all.
You've probably seen Sarah Michelle Gellar play the devious Kathryn Merteuil in the prequel to this film.But, did you know there's a straight-to-DVD follow-up with Amy Adams in Gellar's role? It is so bad all around that even the acting of best supporting actress nominee Adams is laughable.
I understand the premise of a movie in which a woman is obsessed with Bradley Cooper.This terrible film doesn't do anything to prove that Cooper has the kind of chops he reveals in Silver Linings Playbook.
Sally Field has played a lot of memorable onscreen moms.Why she signed on to play the mother of Heather Graham's character in this Farrelly brothers movie is a mystery.
In an underwhelming comic-book adaptation of this film, he plays another villain, but he's more silly than sinister.Christoph Waltz won an Oscar in 2010, he was cast in a bunch of stateside films, but unfortunately, none the same caliber as Inglourious Basterds.
This 2011 horror film bombed at the box office. The final product was so bad that the stars barely did any press for it, including Naomi Watts.
Where Les Misérables is tragic for poignant reasons, this film is just tragically bad.Maybe Hugh Jackman is so comfortable in Jean Valjean's 19th-century waistcoats because he'd already rocked them in this 2001 romantic comedy.
Two-time Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence has made very few missteps so far in her young career.It's hard to believe an actress who plays tough so well as a character has to yell, 'Don't go in there!'
The ensemble romantic comedy was already tired by the time New Year's Eve came out in 2011,I still wonder how acting legend De Niro got mixed up in the fluffy mess, but I'm sure glad that he found his way back to Oscar worthiness.
It's hard to believe that Daniel Day-Lewis even has the capacity to appear in a less-than-amazing movie. This 2009 musical is that movie. It's not that we don't enjoy seeing Lewis sing and dance, but something about it just feels wrong.
The fact that Arkin plays Ryan Reynolds dad makes this role less embarrassing I suppose...BUT.The crude humor of this body-switching comedy does no justice to the talent of best supporting actor nominee Alan Arkin.
Not a bad film but not exactly the same kind of material that got him nominations for films like Flight. Denzel Washington plays a blind man who has to protect the last Bible on earth while spouting biblical phrases and wasting his enemies with a samurai sword.

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