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'Bueller'Ben Stein's deadpan delivery made this the most quoted line in the movie.
“Fiddle-dee-dee”The fiery and impatient female lead dismissed suggestions she didn't like with this archaic expression of scorn.
“Bada-bing!”'I'm funny how? I mean funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you?'
'Mooo-ooo'The protagonist was only goofing around when he made that cow sound but it led to a switchblade fight.
'Mao'You don't have to speak Vietnamese to get the gist of what the guard yells at 'Nick' in the first Russian roulette scene in 'this film'
“Bumsen!”A proper young lady innocently asks the meaning of the English term 'screwing.' Sally replies with the only word she can
'Bonjour'The Devil, taunts a priest by greeting him in French, a language that the possessed character doesn't speak.
'Attica!'With a simple reference to the Attica Prison riot of 1971
“To-ga!”Bluto makes it clear he's down for a toga party, even at the risk of being put on Double Secret Probation.
'La-dee-da”Diane Keaton had countless great lines in this film. This is the one everybody remembers.
'Mother!'After witnessing his mothers handy work after the shower scene, what more was there to say?
“Ovaltine?”Frau Blucher, the seductress that she is, tempts the doctor with a warm beverage in this 1974 comedy.
“Plastics”Ben Braddock receives pithy career advice in this film.
'Indian'Among the completely random words alcoholic attorney George Hanson blurts out each time he drinks his Jim Beam, this one somehow stands out.
'Ha!'When Bill tenderly says 'I love you' in this 1950's talkfest, Margo responds with a single syllable.
'Schwiiiing'The two protagonists and BFF's bestow their highest praise on a Guess ad featuring Claudia Schiffer.
'Ritchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie'Young rock star on the rise, crashes and burns with fellow musicians.
“Geronimo”World War II paratrooper Captain Rip Murdock and his missing buddy used to yell it just before jumping out of a plane.
'Redrum!'If you saw this cryptic word written on the bathroom door, meant to be read backwards on a bathroom mirror, maybe it's time for you to leave.
'Character''So I got talent? So what beat me?' asks Fast Eddie
'Stella-a-a-a-'Stanley Kowalski's primal scream, has inspired six decades of parodies, in everything from 'Seinfeld' to 'The Simpsons'
'Madness'Major Clipton reacts to the death of Colonel Nicholson, whose final act was to blow up the bridge he had enthusiastically built for the enemy.

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