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What is the real name of Anthony Edwards' character Goose in 'Top Gun'? It's only SHOWN once. Never said. You see it on his name tag near the end of the movie when Maverick is cleaning out Goose's personal effects.
What is the name of the second couple to get married in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'?It's the one where Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant finally meet. ___ and ___
In 'Pretty Woman', where does Phil Stuckey's wife work?At the Polo match, she sees 'Tate Whitney Wallace' and she calls out to her, 'Tate...It's me...Elizabeth from _____________
In 'The Breakfast Club', what type of sandwich does Ally Sheedy's character eat for lunch?
In the movie 'Pretty in Pink', what record did Blaine buy at the record store?He goes to the shop where Andie works and buys the record.
In 'My Best Friend's Wedding', what did Julia Roberts' character loan Michael and Kimmy?She loans them this because she felt guilty for trying to break them up.
In 'So I Married an Axe Murderer', who's picture was on the dartboard on the back of the bathroom door?When Charlie goes to the bathroom, you see the dartboard while he's washing his hands. She has a dart in her face.
In 'Notting Hill' what did the autograph that Julia Roberts' character sign for the book thief say?He's caught stealing a book when he asks for her autograph. She signs it, and then she has to read it for him.
In `The Matrix' what was the nickname for the floating robot things (the Sentinels) that search for Laurence's ship?
Which actor or actress has dropped out of the filming of 'Freddy Vs. Jason'?
In 'Billy Madison', how long did Adam Sandler have to pass each grade he had to repeat?
Where did Chris Tucker take Jackie Chan sight seeing in 'Rush Hour' ?
Which country was Woody supposed to be shipped to by the toy collector, in 'Toy Story 2'?
Under which movie giant's vision was the THX sound system established?
What movie is parodied in the opening of 'Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls'?
What stolen item from the bank job did Don hold on to for himself in the 2000 British gangster flick 'Sexy Beast'?
In 'The Chronicles of Riddick', Vin Diesel is reprising his role of Riddick from which previous movie?
Charlize Theron won the Best Actress award for her role as a serial killer in 'Monster'. In what U.S state were her character's murders committed?
Who killed hitman John Travolta in 'Pulp Fiction'?
How much money was bad guy hero Mel Gibson trying to collect in 'Payback'?
Which country's president did John Cusack say that he killed with a fork, in the hitman-comedy 'Grosse Point Blank'?
The writers of the crap Stallone flick 'Assassins' redeemed themselves by writing which Hollywood goodie?
Which classic Orson Welles thriller featured the mysterious character 'Harry Lime'?
What was Mel Gibson's dog called in the 'Lethal Weapon' movies?
Uber-toughie to end: What was the first digit on Wolverine's dog tags, in 'X2'?

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