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QUIZ: Can you name the name the fiction/non-fiction movie within the movie?

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misc. HintFictional film.
Not sure if Jesus would like his rugLog Jammin
Mythical shark, an estranged wife and a kid that may or may not be his son.Island Cats
Not sure where he was before she came along.Crocodile Tears
A nearly bankrupt aspiring movie producer-director, is about to take one last shot at fame...Chubby Rain
Steve Martin stars in this one...The Three Amigos
Eliot Loudermilk, Lew Hayward, Frank Cross do these names sound familiar?The Night the reindeer died.
He is bound to get laid sooner or later.School of Cock
The star of the actual film starred in a film that this film knocked off...Scarface
Once upon a time in a galaxy very, very close to New JerseyGood Will Hunting 2
Kid uses tape recorded line from fictional movie to scare people.Angels with Filthy Souls
misc. HintFictional film.
According to Harry Zimm, 'Mr. Lovejoy' could be an academy award winner.Mr. Lovejoy
in 1984 a group of friends go to New York to get their musical on Broadway only to find it's a more difficult task than they anticipated.Attack of the Killer fish
This Coffee lovin chick supplements her meager income as a stewardess by smuggling cash into the U.S Chicks with guns
Et tu BruteStab
Parody of black stereotypes....Attack of the street pimps
Julia Roberts is such a snobby American actress.Helix
A frustrated screenwriter menaces a studio executive who eventually kills the writer and gets away with murder.Habeas Corpus
The guy in the fictional movie shoots his cheating girlfriend.Angels with even filthier souls
Be Ashamed if you don't know this hintAustin Pussy
Porn stars don't dance in the daytime.Brock Landers: Angels Live in my town

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