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'A mom' grieves for a son that she apparently never had. Everyone around her denies his existence and claims she's crazy.She did have a son but aliens nabbed him as part of an experiment to test the bond between mother and son. Not sure why they cared exactly.
'A guys' wife kills herself, so he takes his daughter and moves out to the stick to get over it. She makes a new invisible friend who is sinister and starts killing the locals.Her 'invisible' friend is actually her dad aka 'the guy' who is suffering from a psychotic break and killed his wife in the first place.
Man has a disfiguring car crash and loses his memory. After re-constructive plastic surgery, he learns that his 'caring' wife was cheating on him.'The guy' isn't 'the guy' at all. He discovers his OWN dead body and finds out he's actually the guy his wife was having an affair with. The plastic surgery changed his face to look like him.
A gorgeous female reporter goes undercover to ensnare 'the guy', who she believes to be the killer of her friend.The gorgeous reporter was actually the killer and wanted to try and frame 'the guy' for the crime. Wait, what?
A passionate campaigner against capital punishment who himself is on death row for raping and murdering a fellow activist, and swears he's innocent.After he gets sentenced to death, a tape which reveals that he and fellow (dead) activist conspired together and that he did actually murder her but they wanted to prove that an innocent man could still be on death row. Was there no other way to prove this point?
An isolated village in 19th-century America suffers from creatures who live outside strict boundaries. Because of this, the inhabitants are forced to stay within the compound.There are no creatures and, more importantly, it's not 1897. IT'S 2004. The 'elders' have pretended to their kids that they live in the past. I wonder what they thought the airplanes were.
'A guy' causes a car crash which kills his wife and six others. He then goes on a journey to help the lives of seven people. But how? He's befriended 7 people who all need organ transplants, so he commits suicide by letting his jellyfish sting him to death in a bathtub, allowing his organs to be utilized.

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