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What song did Taylor Swift originally write for a high school talent show?
Which 2000's pop hit, did Paramount want to turn into a movie?
How many MTV reality shows used Hilary Duff songs as their theme music?
Which Britney Spears single was co-written by Shania Twain?
Lady Gaga dyed her hair blond because an interviewer once mistook her for ________.
Who wrote Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts'?
Who did 'The Dream' and Tricky Stewart, originally write Rihanna's 'Umbrella: for?
Whose famous lips inspired Katy Perry to write 'I Kissed a Girl'?
What album was Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway' intended for?
Which artist co-wrote Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s collaboration “Black Widow”?
Which Miley Cyrus song did Kesha co-write?
Who was the first female artist to replace herself at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100?
Who was MTV's first choice to perform alongside Madonna at the 2003 VMA's?
Which pop queen wore her actual wedding dress in a music video?
Ariana Grande's 'Yours Truly' features a duet with a member of which boy band?
Which male singer co-wrote Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love' single, from her No. 1 debut album 'Spirit'?
On the 'Hannah Montana' soundtrack, which debuted at No. 1 in November 2006, Miley Cyrus duetted with her dad Billy Ray Cyrus on what song?
Kelly Clarkson defeated Justin Guarini for the first-ever 'American Idol' crown. But who came in third place?
What is the name of the second single from Lauryn Hill's 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,' which hit No. 1 in its first week of release?
What female artists song spent the most weeks (10) at #2 without reaching #1?

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