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Can you name the the cast of Law & Order from it's inception to it's end?

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Senior Detective
(George Dzundza) 
(Paul Sorvino) 
(Jerry Orbach) 
(Dennis Farina) 
(Jesse L. Martin) 
(Jeremy Sisto) 
Junior Detective
(Chris Noth) 
(Benjamin Bratt) 
(Michael Imperioli) 
(Milena Govich) 
(Anthony Anderson) 
Police Commanding Officer
(Dann Florek) 
(S. Epatha Merkerson) 
Executive Assistant District Attorney
(Michael Moriarty) 
(Sam Waterston) 
(Linus Roache) 
Assistant District Attorney
(Richard Brooks) 
(Jill Hennessy) 
(Carey Lowell) 
(Angie Harmon) 
(Elisabeth Röhm) 
(Annie Parisse) 
(Alana de la Garza) 
District Attorney
(Steven Hill) 
(Dianne Wiest) 
(Fred Thompson) 
Medical Examiner
(Leslie Hendrix) 
Police Psychiatrist
(Carolyn McCormick) 
(J.K. Simmons) 

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