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In the 1980s, this actress rose through Hollywood’s ranks quickly. By the time she finally won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar nobody could say it was ACCIDENTAL. She actually starred in another memorable film before making one of the biggest financial flops in movie history, one that single handedly bankrupted the studio. She eventually dabbled in television landing a sitcom of her own name, which was cancelled after only 1 season.
For 10 years, this actress played bit parts in forgettable movies. But STRUCK it big by stealing every scene in which she appeared in the 1987 Comedy she won an Oscar for.She went on to bit parts in high-profile comedies but, after a few years it became clear that she was always going to be limited to supporting roles, and her star dimmed. She did, however, receive critical acclaim for her portrayal of a transgendered landlady in the television miniseries Tales from the City.
She made her debut at the age of 21 and was chosen to star despite her disability and inexperience. I bet she thanked GOD when she won her Oscar for best actress.Despite the glorious start to her career, things stalled. Her disability led her to be type case in every movie she made and her career as a movie star soon faded. She did however appear in a very memorable episode of Seinfeld and Danced With such Stars as Marie Osmond, Bristol Palin and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
In only her 2nd film she gained widespread attention by becoming the 1st person ever to win an Oscar by playing someone of the opposite sex.After her win, she appeared in a baffling string of films that snuffed out her newfound stardom pretty quickly. Her first movie after the Oscar win is to this day is generally acknowledged to be one of the worst movies ever made. She eventually found a niche doing voice work for animated films and video games.
At 29 he became the youngest man ever to win the Oscar for Best Actor. He wins the award, kisses the presenter and the next day, critics compare him to Al Pacino.Unfortunately, since winning the Oscar, he appeared in movies that have mostly defied the path that many predicted for him. Starring in flops opposite Jack Black and Joaquin Phoenix made it apparent that there is no danger of him winning another Oscar.
He started his career dressed as a bunch of grapes in a Fruit of the Loom commercial.. He won his Oscar portraying rival of a real life child music prodigy.Film critic Leonard Maltin referred to any actor who wins an Oscar but fails to find success afterwards as having [ 'actors name' syndrome' ] He followed up his Oscar with roles in Muppets From Space and National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon.
He won the Oscar for the film he also co-wrote and directed. Although its light hearted approach to serious subject matter had the potential to offend people, the movie became huge He failed to follow up on his success. He made only five more films after his Oscar, one of which, an adaptation of Pinocchio, was received with such outright hostility by critics that it became the only foreign language film ever to be nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award.
She was a struggling actress prior to her role in an edgy biographical drama about a hard-drinking abstract expressionist painter. She won an Oscar for her portrayal as his wife. After winning the Oscar she starred in another Academy Award-winning film. However, other than that, she starred in a string of movies that came and went with little or no notice.
Her claim to fame before winning the Oscar for best supporting Actress playing a spandex clad character in giant 80's hair was the sitcom A Different World.She subsequently appeared in a series of films that did little but reinforce the notion that her Oscar win was a fluke even though she was nominated again in 2001 and yet again in 2008
His character repeatedly uttered four simple words that turned into one of the most oft-repeated catch phrases ever. He won the Oscar and appeared destined for stardom.He followed up the Oscar-winning performance with appearances in highly questionable movies, such as the homophobic comedy which Roger **** described as “so bad in so many different ways, not only does it offend gays, it offends everyone else.'
She was an ascendant star who made a splash in 1991 playing the role of a crack head. A decade of paying her dues followed. Finally, in 2001 she appeared in one monster of a movie She could now be choosy about picking her roles, but she was not well served by her choices. In 2004 she starred in a critically-pilloried box office bomb that earned her a Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress just three years after winning the Oscar. She has yet to star in anything since then to reverse her slide.
In 1995 she nailed a role as an unintelligent prostitute and porn star with a very high voice. Her MIGHTY performance won her the Oscar for best supporting actress.Despite her great promise, she was unable to capitalize on her Oscar. In the following years she appeared in a dumb-blonde comedy with her FRIEND and a movie about giant bugs.
In the 70s she appeared in action movies, comedies & dramas. In 1991 she starred in a modern-day take on the Arthurian legend. She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Her next film after her Oscar was based on a Neil Simon play and was the first film in which she received top billing. It didn’t do much for her, and as the years passed she appeared in smaller roles and smaller films.

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