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Can you name the actors who were ORIGINALLY CAST in these films by these replacement stars?

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Replacement/FilmOriginally CastThe Scoop
Michael Biehn/AliensHe left the film a week into filming when his creative differences with James Cameron couldn’t be resolved.
Martin Sheen/Apocalypse NowEven though Sheen was originally offered the role of Willard, he turned it down due to scheduling conflicts and 'this guy' landed the part. But a week into shooting, Francis Ford Coppola replaced 'him' with Sheen.
Michael J. Fox/Back to the Future4 weeks into filming, director Robert Zemeckis determined that 'he' has been miscast. Zemeckis and Spielberg decided to reshoot the film with Michael J. Fox once his schedule opened back up.
Kim Basinger/Batman'She' broke her arm after falling from a horse during rehearsal. Tim Burton scrapped the scene and continued filming the movie with replacement Kim Basinger.
Michelle Pfeiffer/Batman Returns'She' was set to play Catwoman aka Selenia Kyle but had to drop out when she became pregnant.
Eddie Murphy/Beverly Hills Cop'He' was originally cast as Alex Foley in a version of the film that was a straightforward action film. When he dropped out two weeks prior to filming, the script underwent massive rewrites to include more comedy for Eddie Murphy. THANK GOD.
Clint Eastwood/Dirty HarryI can't even phathom 'him' in the title role but he dropprd out because of a hand injury. John Wayne was then offered the part but he refused to take 'his' rejects. Instead it went to Clint Eastwood.
Katherine Heigl/Knocked Up 'She' dropped out due to a disagreement over the filming of the birth scene. Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl waited until filming was over to complain about the movie.
Jodie Foster/Panic Room'She' was on set revealing a hairline fracture in her knee. David Fincher originally planned to shut down production but the studio quickly recast the part with Jodie Foster.
Harrison Ford/Raiders of The Lost Ark'He' originally landed the part as Indy but had to back out because he starred in a hit tv show and the network wouldn’t let him out of his contract to film the movie.
Nicole Kidman/The PaperboyNicole Kidman starred in the sexually-charged drama after 'she' dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. 'She' was reportedly relieved she didn’t have to pee on Zac Efron. HINT (The milfiest MILF on network tv)
Paul Dano/There Will Be BloodPaul Dano took on the role of Eli Sunday two weeks into filming on the 60-day shoot. This guy..if you can call him that was apparently intimidated by Daniel Day-Lewis’ knack for staying in character on and off the set.
Kathy Bates/TitanicJames Cameron initially offered the part of Molly Brown to this country singer but she had to turn down the part due to scheduling conflicts. Kathy Bates landed the role in the iceberg epic.
Hugh Jackman/X-MenBryan Singer settled on this guy after negotiations fell through with Russell Crowe to play Wolverine. But then 'he' backed out due to scheduling conflicts with his movie with Tom Cruise. Hugh Jackman was cast 3three weeks into filming and ended up being the breakout star of the series.
Hugo Weaving/V for Vendetta'He' left six weeks into filming due to creative differences. Some of his original footage remained in the film while his voice dubbed over by Hugo Weaving.

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