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simply meant 'Come on, let's go!
meant the same thing it does now; someone who is a failure. Think, 1st verse of 'All Star 'by Smashmouth
means going crazy or freaking out, and it referred to the rash of postal workers in the 90s that went a little off their rockers and did things like shoot up the post office.
wasn't the uniform nurses and doctors wear or the act of cleaning something, it was a slacker, good for nothing guy. damn you TLC
did not mean overweight, it meant something was cool or awesome. (Correct spelling of said word is required)
didn't mean 'complaining' in the 90s; it meant that something was totally awesome! Using it with your girlfriend/wife could 'totally' get you in trouble.
meant that you didn't want to hear what the person was saying. The latter part of the phrase which was seldom used, ended with 'cause the face ain't listenin'.'
meant that you were just kidding. It was used after a sentence that was false.
meant that someone or something was the best, so adding this thinly sliced and deep fried/baked potato to the mix meant they were the best and then some!
while still used today, was at the height of its usage in the 90's as a comeback to anything you didn't have a real response to.

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