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Starred in film...AnswerExcerpt From Cinema Blend’s Review:
This movie, starring Bill Paxton, Ben Kingsley, Vanessa Hudgens andBrady Corbet is based off of a 1960s British television show, and hardcore fans did not like it at all… 'The central plot of this movie is what bothers me the most. The movie is entitled ___________ but I don’t know anything about them. I know the dad is a billionaire- widow turned superhero but his boy-band reject sons are background scenery. I couldn’t tell you their names if I tried.'
This movie starring Julia Stiles, Luke Mably and Miranda Richardson spawned 3 sequels...none of which included Julia Stiles.'This corny, tacked on ending reeks of compromise, like some Paramount bigwig took Coolidge aside and told her: ‘Look Marty, we need to really sell this film to our target audience (teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 16), so whittle down this ridiculous theme of female empowerment, add in a funny scene where the Prince competes in a lawnmower race, and kick the romance up a notch.’'
Roseanne, Judi Dench, Cuba Gooding Jr and Randy Quaid provided the voices in what was supposed to be Disneys last 2D animated film.'You have the necessary battle between good and evil. You have the requisite funny background characters. And you have the story of a hero or heroine who feels like they don’t fit in and is seeking that special place where they belong. In ______________ that heroine just happens to be… a cow, or three cows, to be precise.''
Dennis Quaid, Giovani Ribisi, Tyrese Gibson and Hugh Laurie star in this remake of a 1960s film.'The screenplay is rife with awkwardness and bizarre behavior. It’s filled with bad, cringe-worthy conversations and idiotic characters who lay out in the sun complaining about the heat when there’s perfectly good shade two feet behind them.'
We have Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise and Anthony Edwards in this really weird movie.'_______ is a fun thrill of a movie, and during the month of September, after the summer fanfare and before Oscar season, that’s usually a nice thing to have. The film has some interesting visual choices, making decisions from the opening credits on that clue the viewer into something, even if they can’t tell what it is.'
Anna Paquin and Lena Olin starThis movie was actually shelved for two years by Miramax after it was completed because they had no confidence in it. ’Tis the season to confuse the hell out of people. In a year where the Red Sox won the world series, Surviving Christmas opened before Halloween, and now _________ debuting on Christmas Day, it’s easy to say the world is officially gone upside down.'
Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Matthew Lillard and Diane Kruger star in this remake of the French film L'Appartement.'Guys, if you’re worried about the pressure that your girls are putting on you to go see Vanity Fair, offer _________ as a friendly alternative. There are enough interesting twists and turns here to keep everyone flinching and plenty of struggling romance to keep the ladies happy.'
Guy Pearce, Freddie Highmore and Jean-Claude Dreyfus star in this film that made more money than one might guess.'Anyone who has dreamt of witnessing the Bengal tiger in its natural habitat will certainly enjoy the opening sequence of __________, where Koumal and Sangha frolic through the jungle kicking a coconut back-and-forth like a soccer ball. But like all animal dramas, ________ contains material that may be inappropriate for children younger than 7.'
This movie, starring Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan tries really hard to let you know exactly what the film is about in a cute and extremely frustrating way. 'From the old 'forget to put on the car’s brake while in a foreign country' bit to the 'hey we got married while we were drunk' conceit, _____________ fails to offer anything funny or original. Brosnan may be charming, but ___________ is a total drag.'
Gene Hackman in his last screen role with Ray Romano and Maura Tierney '_________ just isn’t mean spirited enough to give us genuine small town comedy. Instead it substitutes a few aw-shucks gags and treads water while Hackman and Romano scrape bottom trying to find something funny.'
Ben Kingsley, Carrie-Anne Moss and Aaron Eckhart and a copy machine...see review.'_____________ at least tries to differentiate itself by mixing in a lot of hazy, psychic mumbo jumbo right from the outset, when our FBI agent hero starts getting these weird flashes of himself standing next to a copier. As far as flashes go, seeing yourself faxing a few minutes in the future isn’t particularly inspired, but that’s what Agent Thomas Mackelway is getting when he’s transferred from Dallas to Albuquerque in disgrace.'
Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode and Jeremy Piven star in this film...which also had a similar movie in 2004 with the smae basic character (Moore)Mandy Moore has potential as an actress, but if she’s ever going to take that anywhere, she’s going to have to grow up. Maybe she’s content to be nothing more than a former pop idol who pops out a watchable movie or two every January. The kinds of movies teenagers tell their parents they are going to see, when they’re really sneaking out to see The Matrix.'
Katie Holmes, Michael Keaton, Forest Whitaker. And this is that other film I was talking about. Hint: it has a more generic name…'__________’s first weakness is that while it presents itself as a fairy tale, it doesn’t do a good job of maintaining that illusion. Even in the opening narration where the fairy tale theme is first established, the theme fluctuates as it presents Samantha as being a princess who went through all of this ‘normal stuff’'.
Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Ron Livingston, Kathy Bates = a pretty decent Rom Com.'With a movie centered around snooping around of course there are going to be moments when the liar gets tangled in their web of lies only to get themselves out of the jam with a quick and logically ludicrous lie. There are boat loads of those kinds of moments in __________, and all of them make sense and work.'
Ice Cube, Adam Scott, Martin Henderson and Jaime Pressly in this mess of a film.'________ is the worst movie of the year. I realize it’s only January, but I think it’s bad enough to hold on to that title for quite awhile. Granted, the competition for such things is always fierce, but _________ comes rolling out of the gate as a legitimate contender.'

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