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Most of this flick revolves around uncomfortable humour, the heroine whose default mode is awkward.Awkwardness is showcased best in a series of ultra competitive speeches at her best friend's engagement party. As she tries to outdo her rival, Annie wades through new depths of awkwardness culminating in the world's least appropriate singalong.
High school prom is great for most but could turn out to be a hugely awkward experience. It's possible that this view is a bit tainted by this comedy whose opening sequence, finds the protagonist on a slippery slope of awkwardness after he goes for a seemingly innocent trip to the bathroom.
What do you get when you get a tube sock, bad reception on the porn channel and your mom walks into your bedroom?Taking a situation that would make anyone crave the ability to disappear, this memorable opening to the first film of the series (There are 4 in all) sees our hero get interrupted while, ahem, enjoying himself.
Deciding where to take a 1st date is a vastly underestimated process. You want to go somewhere that you're familiar with but a slight element of ambition and effort is also needed.To be fair to Mr. B (you don't get the whole last name), he gave it his best. But, unsurprisingly, his choice of a XXX cinema didn't go down so well with the more refined Betsy. Easily the worst first movie date ever.
This actor crops up again in a situation that was always going to be fraught with awkwardness, meeting his gf's mom and pop.It's a rite of passage that's In this dinner scene, the lead actor is forced to go down a trail of increasingly absurd lies involving the milking of a cat, to the dismay of the girls hard nosed father.
A mixture of awkwardness and a genuine terror, this iconic scene sees 'a nice guy mobster' telling a 'not so nice guy mobster' that he's 'a funny guy'.Given the jokes that 'not so nice mobster guy' had just been telling, seems like an understandable observation. But in a brilliantly controlled piece of acting, 'not so nice mob guy' takes the comment a little bit badly...
Trying to feign convincing locker room chat with 'the lads' when you have zero sexual experience is not going to be easy.So the scene where our not so experienced main character tries to persuade the guys that he's a ladies' man, is difficult to watch. Never refer to a breast as feeling like a bag of sand.
Speaking of boobs...When you're around a girl you're trying to impress, mind where your hands accidentally end up swinging. Especially when she's been telling everyone that she's going to do things to you with her mouth.
A formal dinner at a dinner table filled with new people is always ripe for embarrassment. Said set-up is made even more excruciating when you're trying to hide the fact that you're being, ahem, played with under the table.
Before the days of the cowardly text, talking on the phone was an inescapably important element to dating. Which meant that the answering machine was a necessary evil. In a BRUTAL scene from this movie, our 'guy' attempts to leave a casual message for a woman he's just met. It's an unmitigated disaster where each attempt is even worse than before. She tells him never to call again. A shame cuz he was so 'MONEY'

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