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With just $15,000, the visionaries behind this project created a movie that took in a worldwide gross of$197 million, a staggering percentage return of over 655,000%. The tense, terrifying movie originally opened in just 13 college towns. Presented as “found footage” with most of the lines improvised by the cast, the movie has a disturbing realism that only adds to the creeping feeling of horror.
The budget, a mere $200,000, giving a percentage return of almost 25,000%, that comes up to $99.75 million worldwide. Banned in Sweden and New Zealand for whatever reason, this 1979 futuristic, dystopian motorbike action movie had audiences asking for more and they got it two years later. A star was born.
Worldwide gross of over $248.3 million on a budget of just $600,000, the percentage return stacked up to be more than 20,000%.8 days + 3 students + the Woods + first person camerawork + only a semi-structured outline for shooting + 19 hours of usable footage + 8 months post production + groundbreaking viral marketing and online buzz = This film.
With a budget of $114,000, the film managed a worldwide gross of £30 million, notching up a return of over 13,000%. Reviewer -“one of the most gruesomely terrifying movies ever made,” A true classic, the movie has been analyzed as a reaction to the Cold War, a diatribe against consumer culture and a warning about the horrors of disease, and a few other interpretations.
With a budget of $1 million, this film notched up an impressive worldwide gross of $225 million, giving a percentage return of over 11,000%. Knockout.Why do you wanna fight?” ....“Cause I can’t sing or dance,” replies the protagonist. Perhaps this exchange epitomizes the reason for the movie’s success and overwhelming cult status.
Grossed $70million from a modest budget of $325,000, providing a return of almost 11,000%It was 1978, the year when this slasher icon was released into the world. Some critics argued that the character was far too one-dimensional but it seemed that character depth wasn’t important to the masses.
Shot on a budget of $777,000 it had a worldwide gross of $140 million. An almost 9,000% return on investment. This 1973 film is considered one of the pioneering “teen films,” and was based on the directors own childhood. Universal Pictures took on the Project after it was turned down by just about every major studio.
Budget - $27,000. Worldwide gross - $3,894,240. Percentage return - over 7,000%. Cha Ching Independent comedy shot on location in the convenience store where the director was employed, was never shown in more than 100 US theaters at any one time. Led to an animated series, comics and a sequel.
Shot for only $150,000, made a worldwide gross of almost $19 million – that’s a percentage return of over 6,000%.2008 Independent Spirit Award for best foreign film, an Oscar for Best Original Song and two Grammy nominations for its soundtrack..oh yeah, star-crossed love.
Worldwide gross of over $46 million, giving it a healthy 5,667% return on its budget of $400,000. This surreal coming-of-age comedy quickly gained a cult following, and deservedly so! It would be difficult to find a more painfully awkward character than the perpetually out of place than the films lead. His teenage troubles struck a chord with the awkward fifteen-year-old inside us all, This surreal coming-of-age comedy about a painfully awkward 15 year old with skills quickly gained a cult following, and deservedly so!

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