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Can you name the music acts that earned the most money in 2010?

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Money MadeArtistHelpful Hints
$192 Million The ageless rockers are wrapping up the most lucrative tour in the history of music
$125 MillionOpened New Jersey's New Meadowlands Stadium with three consecutive sold out concerts last May and another one in July
$100 Million Has sold 250 million records worldwide over the past 30 years and isn't slowing down, grossing $204 million on 102 live shows in the past 12 months.
$90 MillionShe has grossed $170 million on 137 shows in 22 countries over the past 12 months.
$70 MillionHis lucrative concert tour, heavy radio play and strong album led the way to a spot in music’s top five earners.
$67 MillionHe's the most commercially successful songwriter in the history of popular music, according to Guinness World Records
$61 MillionThe business-friendly 4-some with their super catchy tunes added to their coffers with lucrative endorsement deals with Samsung, Pepsi, Honda, Verizon, Chase and others.
$60 MillionsThese ageless rockers are 'living it up' especially on the road, where they make the bulk of their money
$53 MillionThe youngest on the list, raking in cash from an international tour, new album, a biopic and even a perfume line.
$51 MillionStill touring after the success of 2009’s 2 albums this band grossed over $1 million per night over the course of 68 shows in the past 12 months.
$50 MillionIt’s not just music that makes money for this country star, he also profits from an endorsement deal with Ford.
$46 MillionThe R&B crooner credited with discovering Justin Bieber had quite a year himself, playing a lucrative concert tour while picking up a pair of Grammy awards.
$45 MillionCountry or pop? Either way, she is a moneymaking machine, touring grosses + $750,000 per night.
Money MadeArtistHelpful Hints
$44 MillionHer album is one of nine in history to boast four chart-topping singles. No stranger to business, she shills for Proactiv, Adidas and Ubisoft, and has her own perfume line, Purr.
$40 MillionCountry star had a banner year, thanks to strong touring backed by sponsorships from Chevy, Skinny Water, and Sea Ray boats.
$38 MillionSome acts seem to have an infinite shelf life on the road, the bulk of the band's annual take comes from 46 dates over the past 12 months.
$37 MillionThis rapper out earned his wife for the 1st time thanks to revenue from a world tour, endorsements and a broad portfolio of business interests.
$35 MillionScotland-born and Australia-bred, This band continued to shake audiences all night long, grossing nearly $60 million on the road.
$35 MillionMusic now accounts for less than 20% of earnings thanks to big stakes in his clothing line, record label the marketing firm BLUE FLAME.
$35 MillionThe Houston-born diva ranks unusually low on our list because she didn't tour or release an album this year.
$35 MillionA jack of all trades, he made big bucks in 2010 despite his label's decision to delay his new album. A lucrative tour was what got him on this list.
$35 MillionThe Britain-based rock group grossed $76 million on 63 shows in the last year and has landed songs on all three Twilight soundtracks.
$34 MillionThe country stars grossed $45 million on 61 shows over the past 12 months add that to heavy radio play and endorsements from JC Penny and others.
$30 MillionHe has a lot to sing about this year. He grossed nearly $40 million on 24 shows in support of his new album.
$29 MillionIsland born songstress grossed $1 million per night in 38 shows over the past 12 months; Strong album sales, digital singles and endorsements with CoverGirl, Secret.

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