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Can you name the footballers used in each sentence?

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He Darren that perfectly into the corner!
The referee has Shay a penalty!
A packet of Ricky & Butler please.
I think you might need some more Carlton on the fire.
You might want to tidy your room, it's a bit Lionel.
Well done, you've just won a David medal.
You look way too Ashley to be drinking!
Meet my new Ben parents.
The UK TV show 'Gavin and Stacey' is set in Gareth, South Wales.
I do like a John's chocolate orange.
I think he's having a Joe attack!
Someone knocked on my door and starting singing a Christmas Andy.
That will be fifteen pounds-Raheem please.
You might need to Peter down to get through there.
I'm off to Antonio for my holiday!

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