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QUIZ: Can you pick the Monsters, Inc. Character by Quote?

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QuoteCharacterWhen did they say it?
'...with victims of his evil plot!'Middle-ish of movie
'Big deal, the guy takes five steps and he's there.'Very beginning of movie
'She's home now, just leave her alone!'About middle of movie
'We may actually meet out quota today, Sir.'Beginning of movie
'Of course, without your help, I would've never known this went all the way up to Waternoose...'End of movie
'Oh, would you look at that? We're out of snow cones! Let me just just go outside and...make some more...'Towards end of movie
'Boo!' *Gasp* 'Kitty...?'End of movie
'Which means...the Scare Floor will be...?'Kind of beginning
'It's all about presence. About how you enter the room!'Towards end of movie
'Oh, thanks guys, that was a close one!'Beginning of movie

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