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Function or LesionNucleus
Lesion leads to aphagia
Lesion seen in Wernick'es encephalopathy, in from postcommissural fornix
Lesion leads to hyperpyrexia (fever)
Lesion leads to Poikilothermia (same temp as surroundings)
Bilateral lesion leads to obesity, hyperphagia, and savage behavior
Stimulates hunger, medial forebrain bundle runs through it
Development depends on testosterone levels, cyclic GnRH release
Lesion leads to hyperthermia
Makes ADH & oxytocin, projects to neurohypophysis
Function or LesionNucleus
Maintains body temp, stimulates PANS
Stimulation leads to Sham rage
Regulation of circadian rhythms
Water balance regulation, peptidergic to brainstem & spinal chord
Satiety center, share arcuate projections
Produces POMC derivatives that influence adenohypophysis
Lesion leads to diabetes insipidus
Produce and conserve heat, stimulates SANS

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