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Can you name the quest titles from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction?

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ActQuest TitleReward
Act I1 Skill Point
Act IAct I Mercenary
Act IFree Identifies, Ring
Act IGold, Gold, Gold
Act IImbue an Item
Act IPassage to Act II
Act II1 Skill Point, Vendor Discount
Act IIHoradric Cube
Act IIUnimpaired Sight
Act IITal Rasha's Tomb Symbol
Act IIAccess to Tal Rasha's Tomb
Act IIPassage to Act III
Act IIIPotion of Life
Act IIIRare Ring, Act III Mercenary
ActQuest TitleReward
Act IIIAccess to Durance of Hate
Act III5 Stat Points
Act IIIAccess to Durance of Hate
Act IIIPortal to Act IV
Act IV2 Skill Points
Act IVGems and Runes
Act IVPortal to Act V
Act VSocket an Item
Act VAct V Mercenary, Runes
Act VScroll of Resistance, Rare Class Item
Act VPersonalize an Item
Act VExperience Points
Act VNightmare/Hell modes, Title

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