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The loanshark, boss of the villians.
Owner of the Cut Above
Interrogated the Sherrif after the second murder. Mundy
The Girl With the Ribbon
Security guard at the Woodlands
The owner of the Trip Trap.
One of the Three Little Pigs, he escaped from the farm.
The Former Mayor.
Bounces for the Pudding&Pie
The Landlord of the Tenement Building
Husband of the lady who works at the Open arms.
Winged Monkey
A trickster, works at the Lucky Pawn.
The second murder victim.
Owner of the Pudding&Pie
A fable who has famous history with the Sheriff. He's friends with the owner of the Trip Trap.
Witch who's symbol is the white deer.
Works at the Pudding & Pie, was friends with the two victims.
A thuggish twin who acts as a Private Investigator for the Loan Shark.
Personal bodyguard for the main villain who enjoys her job just a bit too much .
The other twin
The richest guy in Fabletown
Owner of the Lucky Pawn
Janitor for the twins/transport for the farm.
The first victim
The Absent Mayor
The Landlord's son and a witness to the second murder.
Works the front desk at the Open Arms Hotel
A protector and friend of the owner of the Trip Trap Bar.
The Sheriff of Fabletown
The victims husband
The Deputy Mayor.
Escorts the Sheriff through the Crooked lair to the loanshark.
Official Doctor of Fabletown, one of the Three Little Pigs.
Not quite a person, this is true. But it can sometimes give a helpful clue.

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