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Borderlands 2 Word Ladder

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____... (uses Big Bertha)
used to weave cloth
spoils of war
can't be found
the biggest amount
holds the sail on a ship
how much matter is in an object
the red planet
female horse
to create
type of shark
abbreviation for a creamy condiment
____, as the Siren
never get between ____ and her cubs
Animal that spits, known for wearing hats.
Unable to walk, paralyzed
not wild
a large book
quality of sound
the end of a fork
____ ____...
...worlds deadliest 13 year old
to colour
herbal spice, also a type of candy
animal prized for its fur
to connect
to taste
to not have
Handsome ____
to undo/ take ____
how a dog speaks
not soft
group of sheep
an idol, usually loved for their brave actions
____, as a number
roman emperor
must have
document proving ownership
____ in the headlights
someone close to you
animal Ursa major/minor depicts
ray of light
... and his brother ______

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