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Can you choose which of the given characters (and sometimes transformations included) appeared first in Dragon Ball Z*?

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Who debuted first?A or B
(A) Perfect Cell or (B) Mr. Satan
(A) Old Kai or (B) Kibito
(A) Mecha Frieza or (B) Marron
(A) Yakon or (B) Pui Pui
(A) Gohan or (B) Raditz
(A) Cui or (B) Appule
(A) Cell Jrs. or (B) Super Saiyan 2 Gohan
(A) Dr. Gero or (B) Android 17
(A) Dodoria or (B) Monster Zarbon
(A) Grand Elder Guru or (B) Moori
(A) Goten or (B) Present Trunks
(A) Kibito Kai or (B) 'Mystic' Gohan
(A) Android 18 or (B) Imperfect Cell
(A) King Kai or (B) King Yemma
(A) Bee or (B) Bubbles
Who debuted first?A or B
(A) Supreme Kai or (B) Videl
(A) Frieza Full Power or (B) Super Saiyan Goku
(A) Vegeta or (B) Great Ape Gohan
(A) Saibamen or (B) Nappa
(A) Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks or (B) Super Buu
(A) Future Trunks or (B) King Cold
(A) The Ginyu Force or (B) Frieza
(A) Porunga or (B) Frieza (2nd Form)
(A) Majin Vegeta or (B) Super Saiyan 3 Goku
(A) Android 16 or (B) Android 19
(A) Vegito or (B) Gotenks
(A) Majin Buu or (B) Babidi
(A) Spopovich or (B) Dabura
(A) Uub or (B) Pan
(A) Dende or (B) Nail

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