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Can you choose which of the given characters appeared first in the Dragon Ball manga*?

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Who debuted first?A or B
(A) Mercenary Tao or (B) Bora
(A) Staff Officer Black or (B) Ninja Murasaki
(A) Shenron or (B) Great Ape Goku
(A) King Furry or (B) Master Shen
(A) Major Metallitron or (B) Buyon
(A) Suno or (B) Android 8
(A) Mr. Popo or (B) Kami-Sama
(A) General White or (B) Captain Yellow
(A) Fortuneteller Baba or (B) Upa
(A) Goku or (B) Bulma
(A) Drum or (B) Tien Shinhan
(A) Devil Man or (B) Bandages the Mummy
(A) Tournament Announcer or (B) Jackie Chun
(A) Pamput or (B) Giran
(A) King Chappa or (B) Nam
Who debuted first?A or B
(A) Dracula Man or (B) the Invisible Man
(A) Turtle or (B) Master Roshi
(A) Ox-King or (B) Chi-Chi
(A) King Piccolo or (B) Tambourine
(A) Bacterian or (B) Man-Wolf
(A) Launch or (B) Krillin
(A) Grandpa Gohan or (B) Korin
(A) Piccolo Jr. or (B) Shen (Hero)
(A) Chiaotzu or (B) Cyborg Tao
(A) Puar or (B) Oolong
(A) Dr. Brief or (B) Mrs. Brief
(A) Yajirobe or (B) Cymbal
(A) Arale or (B) General Blue
(A) Pilaf Gang or (B) Yamcha
(A) Commander Red or (B) Colonel Silver

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