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Can you name the Bowling terms within the word ladder?

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*The action of a ball breaking to the left or right.*
Car engine protector
*A term uttered when you want the ball to resist hooking*
*Nickname for the pocket*
Free from disease
Batman actor
*Bowling equipment*
*To interfere or cause another bowler to stop or not complete in their normal actions.*
Money in the ______
Something that ruins spoils something else
*Bowling playing surface*
_________ Ranger
Front section of the lowest balcony
*Heavy pins, used for practice*
'Don't mess with the big ______'
*Marks on the approach used to set the bowler's feet at the start of the approach*
Clicks or brief tones
Disrespect (slang)
*To whiff a spare*
Grows on a rolling stone
*Person who knocks down the ________ pins wins
*Nickname for the gutter*
Hamburger or chicken
Miami basketball team
*Front pin in a rack of pins*
Recover from injury
Devil's home
*Pins knocked down following a spare or following two strikes which are added to the ten or twenty pins, respectively, when scoring*
Single _______
Just 'Okay'
*The path a bowling ball takes.*
What's the meaning of ___________?
*The upward motion of the ball imparted by the fingers at the point of release.*
*Portion of the swing usually associated with how far past the foul line the ball travels before it hits the lane; may be modified to increase or decrease the ball's axis of rotati
Awkward, stupid person
To be overcast, dark, and menacing
*hambone or a _______ bagger*
*Touching or going beyond the line in bowling*
*We're gonna ______ tonight! (From Grease 2)*
A playing marble
Italy's shape
Chimney Crud
*Lane on which strikes come easy caused by a track worn into the lane.*
Narrow strip of wood
Petty quarrel or dispute
*Distance between thumb and finger holes.*
*Hooking the ball entails that the ball will do this*
*Knock down ___ _______ (two words)*
*Write your scores down with ___ _______ (two words)*
*A frame that doesn't have a strike or spare.*

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