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Can you unscramble the words to reveal the famous phrases in Latin?

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ARBVEVerbaEnglish translation
OQUD TEAR STRUMANDMONEDWhich was to be proved
ROMA TCNIIV MONIALove conquers all
PACER MIDESeize the day
LAAE ACITA STEThe die is cast
CLUED TE MORDCUE ETS POR ARTPIA MIROIt is sweet and fitting to die for your country
NIVE, IDIV, CVIII came, I saw, I conquered
ARCHGOAT LEADEND TSECarthage must be destroyed
BUS LEOS LINHI VINO SETThere is nothing new under the sun
XOV OUILPPThe voice of the people
MEANP TE SCRINECESBread and circuses
DIQU ORP OUQThis for that
SUED XE HAMINACGod out of a machine
IS ISV MARIA, MAAIf you wish to be loved, love
VACATE TOMPERLet the buyer beware
IGOOCT, OGRE MUSI think, therefore I am
SER PAIS ORQILUTUThe thing speaks for itself
STOP CHO, GORE TROPPER OCHAfter this, therefore on account of it
NI VION STAVRIEThere is truth in wine
TUSIIC, TUSILA, TUSFIROFaster, higher, stronger
PREEMS LIEDIFSAlways faithful

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