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What would Roman god Cupid shoot at people to make them fall in love?Arrows
Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld, the afterlife, and rebirth, is often depicted with skin of what color?Green
The above are weapons and equipment used by which group of superheroes?The Avengers
What is Yggdrasil, which connects the nine worlds of Norse mythology through its branches and roots?Tree
Can you fill in the blank of this quote said by Vishnu in the Bhagavad Gita? 'Now I am become Death, the _________ of worlds.'Destroyer
Which human emotion was personified by Alecto, one of the Erinyes, or Furies, the goddesses of vengeance?Anger
What artifact was created by the brothers Sindri and Brokkr on a bet from Loki, whose meddling contributed to its handle being short?Mjölnir
Which group of superheroes is suggested by the above answers?Guardians of the Galaxy
What group of superheroes is suggested by the above?Justice League
What island is described by Plato in two of his dialogues as having sunk into the Atlantic Ocean after losing favor with the gods?Atlantis
Abenaki mythology includes Azeban, a trickster spirit in the form of what 'masked' mammal native to North America?Raccoon
What animal is often depicted with Minerva and is considered a symbol of wisdom?Owl
In what part of her armor did Athena place Medusa's head after Perseus gave it to her?Shield
What textile was discovered when a cocoon fell into the empress' tea cup, according to Chinese mythology?Silk
Winged or not, Hermes' sandals were reputed to grant him the what of the wind?Speed
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The Pleiades were nymphs transformed into what by Zeus, to help them avoid Orion's pursuit?Star
What river got its mythology-related name after an expedition was attacked by a local tribe where women fought alongside the men?Amazon
Prometheus and Atlas are two Titans depicted in statues near Rockefeller Center in which New York borough?Manhattan
Talos, a giant protector of Crete made of bronze with one single vein, could be described with what modern word for a being with both organic and mechanical parts? Cyborg
Artemis, Orion, and Atalanta are most closely related to what occupation? Hunter
What type of 'stand-up' performer should be inspired by the muse Thalia?Comedian
What group of superheroes has names containing the above words? Watchmen
The word cryptids, meaning animals whose existence is questionable, including many mythological creatures, derives from the Greek for 'hidden', the same as what chemical element?Krypton
Egyptian scribes would spill one drop of ink in honor of Thoth, their god. What modern psychological test records people's perceptions of inkblots?Rorschach
Glima, first mentioned in the 9th C. in Snorri's Edda, is a Scandinavian form of what arts, whose name comes from the Roman god of war?Martial arts
The warrior Sigurd, or Siegfried, awakened the valkyrie Brunhild by cutting what protective gear off her?Armor
Which Egyptian goddess, related to Hathor, is depicted with a human face and cow ears and horns, or as a celestial cow surrounded by stars?Bat
What item does Alberich make from Rhine gold in the cycle of operas by Wagner based on Norse sagas?Ring
What is the name of a famous poem by Shelley and a Greek name for Ramses II, held in modern popular culture mythology as the pharaoh in Moses' story?Ozymandias
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