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Four more f**king native isles, often abbreviated into the first or last four letters
Native word for 'Kangaroo'
A local tribal dialect
A returning tribe of famous bad guys and Danielle
A returning tribe of famous good guys and Candice
Native fish species, from same season as stork
Local word for wind
A capital city of the nation
A local resort in the season's municipality
A town at the southern end of the native province
A local pastoralist ethnic group
Corruption of the local word for Strength
A Malaysian Beach
A town at the mouth of the native river
Describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementar
Local volcanoes
Local god of Thunder
Islands in the lake Nicaragua
Two locations in the area, but often devolved into names that describe the group
A castaway's mother's name spelled backwards
English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician of the Elizabethan era
Extended Family
A castaway's wife's stuffed animal
The first syllable of one tribe, the last two of another tribe, and the last of a third tribe
A local dive site
Trumpet Shell
Helping one another
A local barangay
Last syllables of both tribe names
Complaint about the weather originally slated to contain a swear word
The season's name spelled backwards, I **** you not
A state park in the eastern part of the country
Native stork species
Black fighting wind
Native word for 'Alligator'
Flying Dragon
People of fire
Sacred allegiance to the sun
The first syllable of one tribe, the last two of another. Contains a hashtag
Three Panamanian isles from the area of the season
Another Samoan island
Orcish for 'Yes'
A local municipality
Four Panamanian isles from the area of the season
Part of the Beti-Pahuin peoples
Has a popular rum brand named after it
Ocean Wave
Largest island in the nation where the namesake province is located, along with the nation's capitol
Local word for rain
A local surfing resort
Endemic species of fish
First syllable of one tribe, last two syllables of another tribe, last word from a third tribe
A Bantu ethnic group
First word of one tribe, second word of another tribe
Together as one, or, the default name after an attempt to name it after a Lisi Linares song failed
Hello Hello
Blue-green water
Happy heart
Fighting Tiger
Portmanteau of the first two syllables and last two syllables of the two surviving tribes of a season
Water buffalo
A local private reserve
A Nilotic people related to yet distinct from the Masai
The national capital of the location
Native word for alligator, from same season as stork
One of the hero twins of local mythology
House of the pot
A species of palm and an extra letter
Year of the god
The Samoan island all of the Samoa seasons took place on
The biggest landmass in Polynesia outside Hawaii and New Zealand

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