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Can you name the people who got the other votes in famous blindsides/voteouts on Survivor?

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Jenna Lewis (Borneo)
Mitchell Olson
Jerri Manthey (Australia)
Kelly Goldsmith
Hunter Ellis
John Carroll
Deena Bennett
Alex Bell
Rupert Boneham (PI)
Burton Roberts (2nd Vote-Out)
Lex Van Den Berghe (All-Stars)
Leann Slaby
Rory Freeman
Gregg Carey
Jamie Newton
Judd Sergeant
Bobdawg Mason
Courtney Marit
Nate Gonzalez
Edgardo Rivera
Jean-Robert Bellande
Ozzy Lusth (Micro)
Jason Siska
Joel Anderson
Marcus Lehman
Ace Gordon
Brendan Synnott
Tyson Apostol (Tocantins)
Laura Morett
Erik Cardona
Rob Mariano (HvV)
J.T. (HvV)
Danielle DiLorenzo (HvV)
Shannon Elkins
Marty Piombo
Matt Elrod (2nd Vote-Out)
Russell Hantz (RI)
Keith Tollefson
Brandon Hantz (SoPa)
Troyzan Robertson
Kat Edorsson (OW)
Jeff Kent
Artis Silvester
Francesca Hogi (Caramoan)
Corinne Kaplan (Caramoan)
Brenda Lowe (Caramoan)
Brad Culpepper
Caleb Bankston
Garrett Adelstein
Sarah Lacina
L.J. McKanas
Jefra Bland
John Rocker
Josh Canfield
Jeremy Collins
Alec Christy
Drew Christy
Vince Sly
Max Dawson
Joaquin Souberbielle

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