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QUIZ: Can you name the top 3 for each of these categories?

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Coldest Countries
Temperatures go below -40 degrees 
Known for being freezing, windy, and dry 
Winter rainfalls are very harsh and erratic 
Most Popular Board Games
There are 318,979,564,000 to make the first four moves in this game 
This was included in the 1900 Olympics 
The longest game of this ever played was 1680 hours long, 70 days straight 
Most Densely Populated Nations
15270p/sq km 
6802p/sq km 
1877p/sq km 
Largest Lakes
143,000sq mi 
31698sq mi 
26563sq mi 
Most Important Roman Gods
Protector of state 
Protector of women 
Goddess of craft and wisdom 
Richest Nations
$88,000 per capita 
$81,000 per capita 
$56,000 per capita 
Poorest Nations
$348 per capita 
$456 per capita 
$487 per capita 
Oldest Cities
c. 9000 BCE 
c. 5000 BCE 
c. 4000 BCE 
Most Venomous Animals
No anit-venom exists 
No anti-venom exists 
Contains enough venom to kill 250,000 mice 
Favorite Foods In America
This industry is one of the largest in America 
The world's longest was 1996 feet long 
Europeans originally thought that the main ingredient was poisonous 

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