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The eighteen year old Native American protagonist 
The famous explorer who comes to Jamestown and falls in love with Pocahontas 
The governor of Jamestown who is convinced that the Native Americans have taken all the gold 
Protagonist's original betrothed who is shot and killed 
The mischievous raccoon who is inseparable from the protagonist 
Protagonist's best (human) friend 
The settler who the Governor tells to learn how to shoot a gun 
The spirit of an ancient tree that advises protagonist and interprets her dream about the spinning arrow 
The spoiled dog of the Governor who gets left behind 
The hummingbird who at first doesn't approve of the protagonist's relationship 
Protagonist's father who decides to make peace with the settlers 
The governor's assistant 
The black haired settler who helps to rescue the man overboard. 
The red haired man who notes the threat of the Indians and also helps rescue the man overboard 
The Shaman of the Native village who has various mystical abilities 
Pocahontas II
The daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe who goes to London 
The English diplomat sent to bring the Native chief to England 
The man convicted of treason who is granted a ship at the movie's end 
The former Governor of Jamestown who is determined to get revenge on the protagonist 
Protagonist's raccoon friend who stows away 
Native who allows protagonist to go to London 
The responsible one of the trio of animals 
The nature spirit the protagonist looks to for advice 
The newest member of the animal trio 
Protagonist's friend who tells her to get over her former love 
The King of England 
The Queen of England 
The hard of sight housekeeper who helps the protagonist before the ball 
The protector of the protagonist in London 

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