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Forced Order
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What was the power level of the farmer Goku's brother killed.
Who is Goku's brother?
Who is the prince of all Saiyans?
Who was his partner?
What were the aliens called that the partner planted?
Who kills Yamcha?
What is the race Piccolo comes from?
Who is Goku's best friend?
What is the technique Goku uses to powerup against the prince of Saiyans?
What did Yajirobe do to Vegeta?
What is the move Piccolo uses to kill Goku and Raditz?
Who was Tien's partner?
Who was Goku's trainer on Earth?
How long did Goku run on Snake Way?
What Z fighter sacraficed himself to try and kill the Prince's partner?
Who kills the prince's partner after his fight with Goku?

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