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Green or Red
Mostly Red, shaped like a cone.
The __ went to the doctor because he was peeling.
Small and red.
It is sometimes known as a tree.
Big and mostly green.
Sphere shaped and mostly red.
Mostly green and sometimes used in food.
Has the word 'Apple' in it.
Long, green and grown as a plant.
Big, soccer ball shaped and black seeds.
Inside comes in yellow or white.
Orange, juicy and has seeds.
Comes in packs, tiny, come in green and a veggie.
Comes in packs, small and green or purple.
Has the word 'Blue' in it, small and a fruit.
Small and pink.
Dark green on outside and inside, light green. (Seed)
Huge, orange and hard.
Has the word 'Rock' in it.
A plant and purple.
Yellow, sour and juicy.
Used in fries and other foods.
Can be dried, orange or brown.
Mostly purple and is a plant.
Like green sticks and pointy at the end.
Sometimes used in a juice, orange and cone shaped.
Comes from a tree, green outside and pink inside.
Has the word 'Honey' in it.
Is white, used in foods and is a veggie.

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