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First ever inductee into the Hall of Fame
The man from Argentina
''The Golden Boy''
First ever high-flying super heavyweight
First ever man to cheat to win.
Returned on January 20th,2014
Faced Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 1
Debuted at St.Valentines Day 1999
Held the WWE Championship for 5 years
7 time U.S.A Hheavyweight Champion
Master of the spinaroonie
Graduate of the Hart Dungeon
Davey Boy Smith
The youngest World Champion ever
Held the WWE Championship for 8 years
''The Barber''
First ever WWE Champion
Passed away on April 3,2012
Won the Royal Rumble 2004
Interrupted The Rock on his debut
Edge's ''brother''
The founder of the S.E.S
Father of Randy Orton
Additional member of Demolition
Defeated Bob Backlund in 8 seconds.
The American Dream.
Member of Radicalz and former WWE Champion
Held over 30 different championships.
He's classy
Enjoys eating turnbuckles
Went on a massive undefeated streak
The irresistable force meets the immovable object
''The Hammer''
Winner of the 1st Royal Rumble
Helped Little Beaver at WrestleMania
Longest reign of the IC Championship
First superstar to win 2 Royal Rumbles in a row
The man from Iran
Ended Bruno Sammartino's reign
''Polish Power''
First Damien, then Lucifer
Color commentator on RAW
Converted to TNA in 2009
Hid under the ring in a Royal Rumble
''The Body''
Undertaker's first WrestleMania victim
The Doctor of Thuganomics.
2004 WWE Hall of Famer
Currently WWE Director of Ooperations
Member of the von Erich family
Teamed with Gorilla Monsoon
Wrestled in the 1st steel cage at WrestleMania
Olympic Gold Medalist
Bodyslammed Yokozuna
Member of the Sicilians
Founder of the Lou Thesz press
The World's Strongest Man
Betrayed his brother in 2009
Have a nice day!!
Everybody has a price
Defeated Cena at WrestleMania 27
Manager of Yokozuna
Father of Curtis Axel
The U.S.S.R
Runner-up in 1st Royal Rumble
Died at Over the Edge 1999
Second ever InterContinental Champion
The first WWE World Champion.
Married Miss Elizabeth
Former member of D-X and NWO
''The Crippler''
Won 1st ever ladder match at WrestleMania
The Ultimate Underdog
''The Model''
''The Dragon''
Member of Too Cool
Unified WWE and ECW Championships.
Founder of WWE SmackDown!
It's a kilt!
Founder of the Cobra Clutch
Founder of The Alliance
1st ever Irish-born WWE Champion
2-time WWE Champion sycho
And that's the bottom line...
Defeated by a debuting Miz
Chainsaw Charlie's alter ego
First ever WrestleMania winner.
Very impressive physique
Unified WWE and IC Championships.
21-0 at WrestleMania
Big Van ....
Founder of WrestleMania
Founder of The Nexus and The Corre
Former sumo champion.

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