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Main characterAnimal
Previous incarnation of AmmyAnimal
Wandering artistPoncle
Traveled with ShiranuiPoncle
The prophetHuman
Tree spriteHuman
Teaches you techniquesHuman
The decendant of NagiHuman
The sake brewer of KamikiHuman
Caretaker of the canine warriorsHuman
Preistess at Sei-an cityHuman
Granddaughter of Mr BambooHuman
Ruler of all of NipponHuman
Wields the sacred sword KutoneAnimal/Human
Has a fervent belief of the godsHuman
Camille's older sisterHuman
Wears a reed hood over his headHuman
Sleeps on oversized round objectsAnimal
Owner of UmeHuman
Sells Bamboo waresHuman
Tells your fortuneHuman
Elderly couple of KamikiHuman
Elderly couple of Kamiki 100 years agoHuman
Owner of HayabusaHuman
Grows turnips in a fieldHuman
Mailman of Shinshu fieldHuman
Kokari's fatherHuman
Demon fang traderHuman
Princess of the sparrow clanAnimal
Princess Fuse's husbandHuman
Younger brother to IdaHuman
Best archer in NipponHuman
Clothing designerHuman
The emperor of Sei'an city (dead givaway)Human
Fisherman who has gone to the dragon palaceHuman
Messenger of the dragon palaceAnimal
Leader of the dragoniansHuman
Otohimes husbandHuman
Flying prayer slipOther
Believed in Oki more than anyoneAnimal/Human
Wears a deer maskAnimal/Human
The elder of Wep'keerAnimal/Human
Pristess of the Wep'keer tribeAnimal/Human
Kai's younger sisterAnimal/Human
Originally slew OrochiHuman
Nagi's love interestHuman
God of rejuvinationBrush God
Godess of power slashBrush God
Bloom, Water lily & vineBrush God
God of cherry bombBrush God
Godess of waterspoutBrush God
Godess of crescentBrush God
God of galestormBrush God
InfernoBrush God
Viel of mistBrush God
Godess of catwalkBrush God
God of thunderstormBrush God
God of blizzardBrush God
Comes in green,red,yellow,blue, & blackDemon
Have no headsDemon
Wear straw like garmentsDemon
Made of clay (not too hard)Demon
Can breathe fire at youDemon
Throw fruitsDemon
Their safe points are the raincoats inside themDemon
Throws fins at youDemon
Blocks attacks using their umbrellasDemon
Power slash reduces their mobilityDemon
3 weasels with bladesDemon
Use Galestorm,waterspout or blizzard to defeat themDemon
Have icey coatsDemon
Can be used as a lightning sourceDemon
Use veil of mist before attackingDemon
Nearly identical to the ice mouthDemon
Nearly identical to the fire eyeDemon
Nearly identical to the thunder earDemon
Almost identical to the earth noseDemon
Smokes pipesDemon
They also have a 'chaos mode'Demon
Has a shark head for a shellDemon
Has a shark tail for a shellDemon
Swing fire clubsDemon
Fire rather than ice will damage themDemon
Summons ice to their clubsDemon
First appear in the water dragonDemon
Extreamly similar to the Spider queenDemon
Similar to BlightDemon
An evil old coupleHuman/Demon
Red helmetBoss
Caused a green mist across Sei'an cityBoss
Boss of Tsuta ruinsBoss
Kyuubi or KitsuneBoss
8 headsBoss
Fight him when you rescue LikaBoss
Golden owlBoss
Silver owlBoss
Looks like giant bakuganBoss
Name means BrotherhoodCanine
Name means FaithCanine
Name means KnowledgeCanine
Name means HonorCanine
Name means WisdomCanine
Name means DutyCanine
Name means LoyaltyCanine
Name means JusticeCanine
Creates fireworksHuman

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