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Can you name the prosecutors from the L&O franchise

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Annie ParisseLaw & Order
Jennifer CartaLaw & Order
David Marshall GrantLaw & Order
Laila RobinsLaw & Order
Roxanne HartLaw & Order
Jill HennessyLaw & Order
Jenna SternLaw & Order
Richard BrooksLaw & Order
Carey LowellLaw & Order
Michael MoriartyLaw & Order
Elisabeth RöhmLaw & Order
Roy ThinnesLaw & Order
Jonathan CakeLaw & Order
Courtney B. VanceLaw & Order: CI
Theresa RandleLaw & Order: CI
Brenda WithersLaw & Order: CI
Terrence HowardLaw & Order: LA
Peter CoyoteLaw & Order: LA
Alfred MolinaLaw & Order: LA
Regina HallLaw & Order: LA
Megan BooneLaw & Order: LA
Reiko AylesworthLaw & Order: SVU
Raúl EsparzaLaw & Order: SVU
Stephanie MarchLaw & Order: SVU
Tabitha HolbertLaw & Order: SVU
Melinda McGrawLaw & Order: SVU
Jessica PhillipsLaw & Order: SVU
Don NewvineLaw & Order: SVU
Judith LightLaw & Order: SVU
Jenna SternLaw & Order: SVU
Paget BrewsterLaw & Order: SVU
Gretchen EgolfLaw & Order: SVU
Liam CraigLaw & Order: SVU
Michaela McManusLaw & Order: SVU
Harry Connick, Jr.Law & Order: SVU
Melissa SagemillerLaw & Order: SVU
Sharon StoneLaw & Order: SVU
Christine LahtiLaw & Order: SVU
Jeffrey DeMunnLaw & Order: SVU
Priscilla LopezLaw & Order: SVU
Greg GermannLaw & Order: SVU
Robert Sean LeonardLaw & Order: SVU
Lizette CarrionLaw & Order: SVU
Charles ShaughnessyLaw & Order: SVU
Paula PattonLaw & Order: SVU
Francie SwiftLaw & Order: SVU
Ron LiebmanLaw & Order: SVU
Nicholas WebberLaw & Order: TBJ
Amy CarlsonLaw & Order: TBJ
Fred ThompsonVarious
Angie HarmonVarious
Linus RoacheVarious
Bebe NeuwirthVarious
Dianne WiestVarious
Sam WaterstonVarious
Diane NealVarious
Alana de la GarzaVarious
Steven HillVarious

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