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Forced Order
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Surrender of Tyrone
Death of Hatton
Act to Retain Her Majesty's Subjects in their Due Obedience
Northern Rebellion
Beginning of Tyrone Rebellion
Act against Seditious Sectaries
Death of Edward/Accession of Mary
Seminary at Douai set up by William Allen
Grindal Suspended because of Prophesyings
Battle of the Pinkie
Golden Speech
1st Act of Repeal
Poor law
Treaty of Greenwich
Babington Pot
Loss of Calais
Execution of Lady Jane Grey
Cecil seizes Spanish Bullion Ships
Death of Pole and Mary/Accession of Elizabeth
William Cecil appointed Master of Wards
Death of Elizabeth/Accession of James I
Martin Marprelate Tracts
Parry Plot
Treaty of Nonsuch
Drake attacks Cadiz
Burning of Cranmer
Capture of the Madre de Dios
First Jesuit Priest arrives in England
Elizabeth expels the Sea Beggars
1st Spanish Armada
Smallpox crisis
Cardinal Pole's commission revoked by the Pope
1st Act of Uniformity
Treaty of Joinville
Pilgrimage of Grace
Death of Walsingham
Ridolfi Plot
First Seminary Priest arrives in England
Death of Burghley
Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis
First Admonition to Parliament
Burning of Latimer and Ridley
Treaty of Edinburgh
Hawkins at San Juan de Ulua
Wyatt's Rebellion
Treaty of Berwick
Grindal appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
Assassination of William of Orange
Treaty of Boulogne
Treaty of Blois
Essex Rebellion
Execution of Greenwood, Barrow and Penry
Heresy Act
St. Bartholomew's Massacre
Vestment Controversy
Mary Queen of Scots executed
Excommunication of Elizabeth
Essex attacks Cadiz
Execution of Edmund Campion
39 Articles
2nd Act of Uniformity
Spain Annexes Portugal
Whitgift appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
'Bill and Book' proposed in Parliament
End of Tyrone Rebellion
Robert Cecil made Lord Treasurer
2nd Act of Repeal
Treaty of Troyes
End of War against Spain
Duke of Alva arrives in the Netherlands
Death of Leicester
Kett's/Western Rebellion
Mary marries Philip
Bond of Association
The Devyce
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Throckmorton Plot

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