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A mobile emits EM radiation @ 1.2 watts per kilogram. Assuming it is absorbed uniformly over 5kg in a 10 minute call, what dose would be delivered in Gy?
How many nuclei are there in 1mg of Americium-241?
Deuterium (an isotope of Hydrogen with an extra neutron) has a nuclear mass of 2.01355321270 u. What is its binding energy in MeV?
What type of nuclear reactor would expect Uranium-235 to be used in?
During fission, Uranium-235 can split into Xenon-140, two neutrons and another element. What is this element?
In larger stars, Carbon-12 is fused with Hydrogen-1. What single nucleus does this produce?
Some americium-241 has an activity of 3kBq. What is its activity after 10 years when lambda=5.07x10^-11?
Where would you expect to find the most stable elements in a graph plotting nucleon number against binding energy?
What is the dose equivalent in mSv of a combination of doses of 1mGy, of which 20% is alpha radiation and the rest is Gamma radiation?
If 1 million people were exposed to a dose of 200x10^-6 Sv, how many people would you expect to get cancer (taking the risk of cancer from 1Sv=3%)?
The energy from a U-235 fission event is 202 MeV. How many such events would it take to create 1J of energy?

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