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Can you name the toughest Superheroes in comics (according to Wizard Magazine)?

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1His power cosmic is so powerful that it's not a matter of what he can do... it's more like what can't he do? Matter-manipulation, the power of the stars, traveling at lightspeed... he's truly in a power class of his own!
2This guy's a Norse God who's trained and skilled in the art of battle, and he's been doing it for countless ages. Mix in the power of the elements, and he's unbeatable... almost.
3This guy's name pretty much says it all. When you mix superstrength, superspeed, invunerability and a dozen other powers... he's fairly unbeatable.
4She isn't just some muscle-bound warrior, she's a highly skilled brawler who knows how to spot an enemy's weakness and exploit it.
5It's next to impossible to react to this guy's attack. You're not going to see him coming, and by the time you do... he's already hit you a hundred times over.
6While he's used his sorcerer powers to beat cosmic menaces to save the universe countless times, he's only a human with limited stamina, speed, and reflexes.
7His fear of using his finite powers from Hell against the titans on this list would give his opponents an opportunity to get a 2nd shot in... which, against this crowd, would be one shot too many.
8He may possess the most powerful melon on Earth, but his frail body would prove too much a liability against the powerhouses on this list.
9He's a young turk with the ability to alter the molecular configuration of matter.. and he's easily distracted. Any of the more varied attacks from the really diversified guys on this least would clean his clock.
10He may possess a keen scientific mind and the ruthless cunning of Mr. Fixit, but his muscle just ain't enough to overcome the 10 spot.

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