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Can you name the Gravity Falls Characters

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Twin of Dipper
Twin of Mabel
Owner of Mystery Shack
Works at Mystery Shack
Mabel's Pet Pig
In Love with Wendy
Crazy Man in Town, Makes Stuff
Rival of Dipper, Mabel, and Stan
Cop in Gravity Falls
Cop in Gravity Falls
Mabel's Friend
Mabel's Friend
Goat that Lives Outside Mystery Shack
Owns Greasy 's Diner
Male Writer of Gravity Falls
Female Writer of Gravity Falls
Father of Wendy. Toughest Guy in Town
Only Says 'Get Em''
Cipher That See's All
Mean Girl, Mabel's Arch Enemy
Gideon's Dad
Wendy's Friend, Always On Phone
Best Friend of Nate
Best Friend of Lee
Wendy's Friend, Drives Them to the Haunted Store
Father of Pacifica
Mother of Pacifica
8th 1/2 President
Time Traveler

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