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This character is Randy's father, although it is never acknowledged on the show
First name shared by both Pryzbylewski and Wee-Bey
The name of Herc and Carver's fake informant, inspired by a tennis ball
This commanding officer was surprisingly seen drinking in a gay bar in the Season 3 episode 'Reformation'
The nickname the dealers give to the 'free zone'
The number of dead girls found in the container on the docks
In Season 4, McNulty takes a job as a patrolman in this district
The name of the alliance of drug dealers organized by Stringer Bell and Proposition Joe
Marlo Stanfield's two main enforcers
The acting mayor of Baltimore who is defeated by Tommy Carcetti
Bunny Colvin adopts this student at the end of Season 4
McNulty's fake serial killer ties these around his victims' wrists
The reporter who wins a Pulitzer Prize after manufacturing several stories
The Major who orders a police detail to investigate Frank Sobotka
After losing his job as a police officer, Herc goes to work for this character in Season 5
D'Angelo Barksdale's widow, who ends up becoming involved with Stringer Bell
The dealer who is ambushed and shot by Marlo's crew at the end of Season 4
Ziggy Sobotka's actual first name
The FBI agent who helps McNulty on several occasions
Snoop is seen buying this object at the beginning of Season 4
The couple responsible for buying the 'burner' phones at different convenience stores in Season 3
Marlo sends picture messages with this object in them as a coded way to set up meetings
The unit where Lester Freamon worked for 13 years (and four months) until being detailed to the Barksdale investigation
In Season 5, this character has his life story published as a feature in 'The Baltimore Sun'
The subject Pryzbylewski teaches at Edward Tilghman Middle School
The woman Cedric Daniels begins dating after separating from his wife
In the final episode, it is revealed that this character has turned into a stick-up artist, similar to Omar
Tommy Carcetti's campaign manager who has a fling with McNulty
Brother Mouzone's bodyguard
The blind man who advises Omar

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