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Can you name the The Wire Characters w/Most Appearances?

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# of EpisodesDescription
60Homicide Detective
60Major, promoted to Acting Commissioner
60Homicide Detective
60Lieutenant, promoted to Major
60Assistant State's Attorney
60Narcotics Detective, promoted to Homicide Detective
60Narcotics Detective, promoted to Sergeant
60Former Detective/Investigator
59Homicide Detective
51Stick-Up Artist (Deceased)
50Former Detective/Teacher
47Deputy Commissioner, promoted to Police Commissioner
45Major Case Unit Detective
42Drug Dealer (Deceased)
38Drug Kingpin (Imprisoned)
37Drug Kingpin (Deceased)
35Former Councilman/Mayor
32Drug Kingpin
30Enforcer to Drug Kingpin (Imprisoned)
27Retired Major/Classroom Liaison
26Former Inmate/Owner of Gym
26Enforcer and Advisor to Drug Kingpin
# of EpisodesDescription
25Former Homicide Detective/Western District Officer (Patrol Wagon)
25Drug Dealer
25State Senator
25Enforcer to Drug Kingpin (Deceased)
24Drug Kingpin/Leader of New Day Co-Op
23Campaign Advisor
23Student/Drug Dealer/Stick-Up Artist
22Former Mayor
22Homicide Detective
20Port Officer
19Enforcer to Drug Kingpin (Imprisoned)
19Homicide Detective
19Commander of Southeastern Police District
18Drug Dealer (Imprisoned/Deceased)
18Homicide Detective
18Western District Officer
18Western District Lieutenant
17Second-in-Command to Docks Kingpin
16Politician/Wife of Police Detail Leader
16State Delegate (confined to wheelchair)
16Lieutenant to Drug Kingpin
16Child/Drug Dealer (kills feared stick-up artist)
16Second-in-Command to Drug Kingpin

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