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Can you name the National League Players w/.400 OBP in 2000s?

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Year/TeamPlayerOn-Base Percentage
Colorado, 2000.463 OBP
San Francisco, 2000.440 OBP
Los Angeles Dodgers, 2000.438 OBP
Pittsburgh, 2000.432 OBP
New York Mets, 2000.425 OBP
San Francisco, 2000.424 OBP
Houston, 2000.424 OBP
Florida, 2000.418 OBP
Philadelphia, 2000.416 OBP
Houston, 2000.416 OBP
Pittsburgh, 2000.412 OBP
St. Louis, 2000.411 OBP
Montreal, 2000.410 OBP
Chicago Cubs, 2000.406 OBP
Atlanta, 2000.404 OBP
San Francisco, 2001.515 OBP
Colorado, 2001.449 OBP
Chicago Cubs, 2001.437 OBP
Colorado, 2001.432 OBP
Houston, 2001.430 OBP
Arizona, 2001.429 OBP
Atlanta, 2001.427 OBP
Los Angeles Dodgers, 2001.417 OBP
St. Louis, 2001.410 OBP
Pittsburgh, 2001.404 OBP
St. Louis, 2001.403 OBP
San Francisco, 2002.582 OBP
Pittsburgh, 2002.450 OBP
Atlanta, 2002.435 OBP
Colorado, 2002.429 OBP
Colorado, 2002.421 OBP
Year/TeamPlayerOn-Base Percentage
St. Louis, 2002.420 OBP
Montreal, 2002.417 OBP
Philadelphia, 2002.413 OBP
Houston, 2002.405 OBP
Atlanta, 2002.404 OBP
Houston, 2002.401 OBP
Cincinnati, 2002.400 OBP
Arizona, 2002.400 OBP
San Francisco, 2003.529 OBP
Colorado, 2003.458 OBP
St. Louis, 2003.439 OBP
Pittsburgh/San Diego, 2003.427 OBP
Colorado, 2003.422 OBP
Atlanta, 2003.419 OBP
Houston, 2003.412 OBP
Philadelphia, 2003.409 OBP
Atlanta, 2003.402 OBP
Arizona, 2003.402 OBP
San Francisco, 2004.609 OBP
Colorado, 2004.469 OBP
Houston, 2004.450 OBP
Atlanta, 2004.436 OBP
Philadelphia, 2004.428 OBP
St. Louis, 2004.418 OBP
St. Louis, 2004.415 OBP
St. Louis, 2004.409 OBP
Colorado, 2005.445 OBP
St. Louis, 2005.430 OBP
San Diego, 2005.423 OBP
Chicago Cubs, 2005.418 OBP
Houston, 2005.411 OBP
Year/TeamPlayerOn-Base Percentage
Washington, 2005.408 OBP
Philadelphia, 2005.405 OBP
Pittsburgh, 2005.402 OBP
St. Louis, 2006.431 OBP
Florida, 2006.430 OBP
Washington, 2006.428 OBP
Philadelphia, 2006.425 OBP
Houston, 2006.420 OBP
Colorado, 2006.409 OBP
Colorado, 2006.404 OBP
Colorado, 2007.434 OBP
St. Louis, 2007.429 OBP
Atlanta, 2007.425 OBP
New York Mets, 2007.416 OBP
Philadelphia, 2007.410 OBP
Colorado, 2007.405 OBP
Florida, 2007.401 OBP
Chicago Cubs, 2007.400 OBP
Philadelphia, 2007.400 OBP
Atlanta, 2008.470 OBP
St. Louis, 2008.462 OBP
Houston, 2008.420 OBP
Colorado, 2008.409 OBP
Florida, 2008.400 OBP
St. Louis, 2009.443 OBP
Washington/Florida, 2009.426 OBP
Colorado, 2009.416 OBP
Cincinnati, 2009.414 OBP
Milwaukee, 2009.412 OBP
Florida, 2009.410 OBP
San Diego, 2009.407 OBP

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Hmmm, that's odd. It seems the number spiked somewhat in the late '90s. Wonder what might have been going on then.
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