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Can you name the Murdered Characters on 'The Wire' (SPOILERS!!!)?

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Forced Order
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Cause of DeathMurdered Character
The character whose death is the first image of the first show ('If ____ always stole the money, why'd you let him play?')
Omar's boyfriend, killed for his part in robbing the Barksdale stash house
Barksdale enforcer, shot by Omar as revenge for the murder of the above character
Low level drug dealer, shot by Bodie and Poot on orders from Stringer
Strip club owner, killed by Wee-Bey and Little Man for cooperating with the police
Drug dealer, murdered in prison on orders from Stringer Bell
Warehouse owner who acted as a fence for the Greeks; shot to death by Ziggy Sobotka
Secretary treasurer for the International Brotherhood of Stevedores; murdered by the Greeks for cooperating with the police
Drug kingpin, shot by Omar and Brother Mouzone
Cause of DeathMurdered Character
Stanfield drug dealer, shot by the character listed below due to his jealousy over him dating his ex-girlfriend
Drug dealer in Bodie's crew, murdered by Chris Partlow for killing the above character
Drug dealer, shot to death by O-Dog on orders from Marlo, after he was seen talking to McNulty
Blind advisor to Omar, tortured and murdered by Chris and Snoop
Leader of the New Day Co-Op, shot by Chris Partlow while Marlo watched
Stick-up artist, shot by Kenard while buying cigarettes
Stanfield enforcer, shot by Michael Lee
Drug dealer, shot in the head by Slim Charles in the final episode of the show

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