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Net Losses (US Dollars)MovieActor/Year
-121,730,514Matthew McConaughey (2005)
-119,180,039Billy Bob Thornton (2004)
-112,896,027Eddie Murphy (2002)
-104,982,678Geena Davis (1995)
-98,301,101Antonio Banderas (1999)
-94,627,709Warren Beatty (2001)
-81,868,170Ming-Na (voice) [2001]
-70,421,885Joseph Gordon-Levitt (voice) [2002]
-68,334,535Edward Burns (2005)
-67,821,105Jackie Chan (2004)
Net Losses (US Dollars)MovieActor/Year
-66,733,791Ben Affleck (2003)
-66,536,031Val Kilmer (2000)
-62,712,956Bruce Willis (2002)
-62,373,766Kevin Costner (1997)
-61,067,128Josh Lucas (2005)
-60,000,000Kurt Russell (1998)
-52,897,621Halle Berry (2004)
-51,009,202Chris Klein (2002)
-50,075,967Antonio Banderas (2002)
-47,781,920Bruce Willis (1991)

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