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Central European country whose invasion triggered the Second World War
Chief god in Norse mythology
The main component of chromosomes (Abbreviation)
The second and la(te)st city on Earth to be razed by a nuclear bomb
French town near the Mediterranean coast. Founded in 123 BC by Sextius Calvinus.
Military abbreviation for 'homemade' bombs
A constructed international auxiliary language, created by LL Zamenhof
A resident of the capital city of Bulgaria
Toronto lies in this Canadian province
Latinized name of the French author of Les Propheties.
The south of this Georgian region has received a limited international recognition since its declaration of independence. The scene of a brief 2008 war between Russia and Georgia
Spanish for 'holy faith'. The capital of New Mexico
Ancient Greek fabulist
The removal of complete hairs
French for 'tyre'
Bavarian city whose courthouse was the scene of the trials of those charged with war crimes in the aftermath of the Second World War
It's not a 'pretti vegetable'. A cross between an orange, a grapefruit and a tangerine.
Internet speak for 'got to run'
Capital of Libya. From the Greek for 'three cities'
If you live in a smoggy, Victorian slum you might contract this disease resulting from a vitamin D deficiency
If these pancreatic components don't work properly you might need insulin injections (3 words)
Predecessor of the Internet security protocol TLS (Transport layer security)
Eastern European nation. Part of former Yugoslavia (but not Serbia)
Italian for 'the sweet life' (3 words)
Afrikaans for 'earth pig'
2001 action comedy starring the late Heath Ledger. Directed by Brian Helgeland. (3 words)
Where can you see lions? Only in...
This Kensingon district's Tube station lies between Barons Ct and Gloucester Rd
The capital of the Hellenic republic
A large biting African fly which transmits the sleeping sickness pathogen
From the Latin for 'a-foot-and-a-halfness', this autological delight means 'the practice of using long words'
Inducing vomiting
Dr Sean ______ is one of the partners in Nip/Tuck. 'Tell [him] what you don't like about yourself.'
Atomic number 55. (Don't use your butchered American spelling if you want to get the next word)
A one-celled protozoan.
Arabic for 'place of sunset' i.e. 'the West', this region of Northern Africa encompasses Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Mauritania
I figured it made sense, building me a fence, building me a home, thinking I'd be strong there
The ancient inhabitants of a city 55 miles south of modern-day Baghdad
As early as is practicable... (abbreviation)
Better keep your eyes on this gauge if you don't want to see flashes in your rear-view mirror

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