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Can you name the words which end in -ise but never -ize?

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To cut off or remove (a leaf from a stem, e.g.)
To publicize or promote (a product, e.g.). Occasionally spelt with -ize in defiance of etymology.
To provide someone with information or an opinion.
Herbacious plant used to flavour absinthe and candy.
To get, or come, up.
Stupidity or foolishness. Such a remark or act.
To discipline or scold, particularly a child.
To cut around, (the foreskin, e.g.).
Rotating as a screw enters a hole from the perspective of the screwdriver.
Brief, as of a definition or response.
To loathe.
To come up with (a plan, e.g.).
A get-up designed to conceal one's true identity from those who might recognize one.
An undertaking of a difficult nature. (A) business.
A duty or tax levied on certain products, such as alcohol or tobacco.
Physical or mental activity carried out to improve health or figure.
Particular skill or knoweldge of a subject.
To compose or invent (a story or song) without having prepared.
The communicate with another party, or to negotiate on behalf of two or more different parties.
To join two pieces (of wood) with a tenon and a slot in which it is secured.
To repeat an action in order to improve on it.
Unambiguously defined, as of a measurement or instruction.
To amend. To study for an exam.
To manage or oversee (employees or children e.g.).
To catch someone off-guard with a comment or action.
A lengthy written discourse on a subject.
A small item of hand luggage.

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