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When a current splits, it's called a...
Magnets are usually made out of...
Caused by the spinning of electrons as they move.
Unit of measurement for 10^-9
The unit of capacitance is...
Inducing Voltage by changing the magnetic field around a conductor is called...
A small group of metals with very strong magnetic properties.
At a branch point in a parallel circuit, the current flowing out must be _____ to the current flowing in.
For a given capacitor, ______ depends on voltage.
What is this? 'All the current flowing into a branch point in a circuit must flow out.'
A ________ has many paths for electricity.
A capacitor with a stored charge can act as a temporary...
________ capacitors are used in communication equipment like radios, televisions, and VCRs.
T/F: Magnetic field lines move from south to north.
What is this? 'The total voltage drop/gain around any loop of a circuit is zero.'
The _______ of a branch in a parallel circuit determines the current in that branch.
A _______ is used to supply different values of current from one energy source.
Hard magnets are magnet that will be...
A bigger battery on an electromagnet will make the magnet...
On a magnet, blue usually indicates the...
T/F: Variable capacitors typically have small capacitance values.
What is this? 'I = V/R'
A magnetic material in which electrons are oriented so their individual fields cancel each other out.
A magnetic material in which individual atoms are magnetic but the atoms are randomly arranged so overall magnetism is still zero.
T/F: The current is the same at all points in a parallel circuit.
When you add more resistors in a series circuit, total resistance...
Unit of measurement for 10^-12
On a magnet, red usually indicates the...
Unit of measurement for 10^-6.
When you add more resistors in a series circuit, total current...
Safety devices built into main electricity circuits, designed to switch off the current if something goes wrong.
T/F: Anything with a motor has a magnet.
What is the voltage equation for a capacitor?
The two ends of a magnet are called...
In a parallel circuit, the total resistance is always ________ than any individual resistance.
Adding more coils on an electromagnet will make the magnet...
The purpose of a _____ capacitor is to create an electric field to oppose the electric field setup by free charges on the parallel plates.
A measure of a capicitors ability to store a charge on its plates.
A capacitor stores an ______ between the two plates.
What is this? 'You can induce a current in a closed wire if the magnetic field through the coil is changing.'
A device that uses a small current to operate a switch to control a high current. It opens or closes one or more contacts between its terminals.
When you add more resistors in a parallel circuit, total current...
The voltage in a parallel circuit is ______ across each branch.
T/F: Once broken, a magnet may lose one or both poles.
A light goes off in a parallel circuit. This means the other lights...

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