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Can you name the Creatures of the Harry Potter Series?

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Pet OwnerPet's namePurpose
VoldemortA servant to Voldemort
Rubeus HagridTo guard a trapdoor encasing the Sorcerer's Stone
HermioneA companion to Hermione Granger
Malfoy FamilyA house elf
Black FamilyA house elf
Weasley FamilyA given animal, that lost a toe
Harry PotterOne of Hogwarts permitted pets, and a companion
Ronald WeasleyOne of Hogwarts permitted pets, and a companion
Pet OwnerPet's namePurpose
Ginny WeasleyA small, puffy companion
Neville LongbottomA croaky little companion
Albus DumbledoreTo defend Albus Dumbledore
Rubeus HagridA barking defender living in Hagrid's hut
Rubeus HagridA member of an Acromantula community living in the Forbidden Forest
Rubeus Hagrid/Sirius BlackA creature used in a 'Care of Magical Creatures' lesson
Weasley FamilyThe Weasley Family's pet
Rubeus HagridHagrid's dragon

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