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Platinum compound, causes 'less nausea'Alkylating Agent
(---) vaccine to stimulate an immune responseCancer Vaccine
Podophyllotoxin Derivativeaka Topoisomerase II Inhibitor
Shouldn't be used with Tamoxifen (SSRI)SSRI
Comes in a pegylated lipsomal formAnthracycline
Attached drug or toxin or radioactive materialMonoclonal Antibody
SteroidalAromatase Inhibitor
Nitrosourea, causes fushign and oesophagitisAlkylating Agent
Antibiotic + ChemotherapeuticAntibiotic
Taxane, associated with myalgia and alopeciaAntimitotic Agent
Topoisomerase I Inhibitor
Used in early/localised breast cancerMonoclonal Antibody
Platinum compound, causes nephrotoxicityAlkylating Agent
Non-steroidal, starts with 'A'Aromatase Inhibitor
WBC chemical signalCytokine
Reversibly inhibits EGFR, used in lung cancerTyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Binds to VEGFRAngiogenesis Inhibitor
SERM, less commonSERM
Immune-response-modifying agent, used for BCCsNucleoside Analogue
Non-steroidal, starts with 'B'Antiandrogen
Blocks ribonucleoside reductaseOther Agent
Inhibits tubulin polymerisationAntimitotic Agent
Binds competitively with oestrogen receptorsAntioestrogen
Binds to VEGFAngiogenesis Inhibitor
SERM, more commonSERM
GnRH antagonist
Used in colorectal cancerMonoclonal Antibody
Folic acid antagonist, most commonAntimetabolite
No attached drug or toxinMonoclonal Antibody
Steroidal, starts with 'C'Antiandrogen
Competes with binding of ATP to the EGFR domain, used in lung cancerTyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Bind to and inhibit the enzyme aromatase
This class can lead to 'emasculation'/'feminisation' (no hyphen)
(---) vaccine to prevent cancerCancer Vaccine
Non-steroidal, starts with 'N'Antiandrogen
Three types (alpha, beta, gamma)Cytokine
Non-steroidal, starts with 'F'Antiandrogen
Inhibits microtubule disassemblyAntimitotic Agent
Promote RBC, WBC, platelet production
Vinca alkaloid, causes more neurotoxicityAntimitotic Agent
Blocks the activation of tyrosine kinase by EGT and TGF-a, used in lunc cancerMonoclonal Antibody
Purine antagonist, metabolised by xanthine oxidaseAntimetabolite
Pyrimidine antagonist, converted to FdUMP, causes alopeciaAntimetabolite
Non-steroidal, starts with 'L'Aromatase Inhibitor
Taxane, associated with fluid retention and skin reactionsAntimitotic Agent
Nitrogen Mustard, causes haemorrhagic cystitisAlkylating Agent
Vinca alkaloid, causes more myelosuppressionAntimitotic Agent

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